At the DriveWise driving school in London Ontario, our goal is to teach students to be safe and confident drivers. We prepare our students for their G2 and G drive tests with a diverse learning approach that includes interactive in-class learning, in-car lessons and sessions with our driving simulator. Our approach to driving lessons is what sets us apart from the competition. We also have a state of the art driving simulator that simulates real driving hazards, including simulating the dangers of drinking & driving and texting & driving. Our SafeStart Beginner Driver Education programs are Ministry of Transportation approved and recognized by the insurance industry. Our students include beginner drivers, international students, new residents, new immigrants, and senior citizens who want to practice their driving skills. We teach our students cooperative driving strategies during in-car lessons. Using our driving simulator, we also teach students defensive driving strategies like how to control skids and driving in winter conditions. When it’s time for you to take your Ontario drive test, you’ll feel confident in your driving skills and happy with your driving school experience at DriveWise.


Road Safety & Cyclists

Just like the recent changes to Ontario’s distracted driving laws, the Making Ontario’s Roads Safer Act is attempting to make roads safer for the cyclists who share the roads with vehicles. Below you’ll find two of the biggest changes to the laws and what you can do to comply with […]

Sharing the road with cyclists

Can driving be good for seniors’ health?

  Can driving actually be good for your health? For seniors it just might be. The American Automobile Association’s Traffic Safety Foundation recently partnered up with Columbia University to conduct a study which determined that keeping seniors driving for longer can reduce their risk of depression and keep them out […]

summertime car safety

Summertime Car Safety

Although the summer is wrapping up, we’re still seeing a lot of hot days and kids playing outside so we thought it would be worth it to do a quick post on summertime car safety practices. Here’s a roundup of some of the best tips we found so that you […]

Anti-Texting & Driving Apps

Pulling out your phone to quickly check for a text message is something that many people are guilty of. But experts say that there’s an easy way to stop distracted driving from happening, especially in teens who often seem inseparable from their mobile devices. There are now several different anti-texting […]

Anti Texting App

does the driving school you pick matter

Does the Driving School You Pick Matter?

Whether you’re a complete beginner driver or someone looking to brush up on their driving skills, picking a driving school can seem like an overwhelming decision to make.  As a driving school located in London, Ontario, we get a lot of questions from prospective drivers so we put together a […]

How to Choose a Driving School

How do you choose a driving school when there are so many options?   If you live in London, Ontario and are looking for the best driving school for you, you’re in the right place. Choosing a reputable driving school in Ontario is important because it will help you become […]

How to Choose a Driving School

Black Box Insurance Pros and Cons

The newest trend in driving safety is telemetrics. Telemetrics for cars are the equivalent of black boxes in airplanes. Telemetrics will monitor your driving behaviours, keeping data on how often you drive, how far you drive, how quickly you break, how you handle the steering wheel and whether or not […]

Road safety

How to Improve Road Safety

As a driving school that prepares many new drivers for driving and facing challenges on the road, we’re often asked how we can make roads safer. At DriveWise driving schools, our goal is to help this happen. However, we also know that many drivers develop bad habits over the years and […]