At the DriveWise driving school in London Ontario, our goal is to teach students to be safe and confident drivers. We prepare our students for their G2 and G drive tests with a diverse learning approach that includes interactive in-class learning, in-car lessons and sessions with our driving simulator. Our approach to driving lessons is what sets us apart from the competition. We also have a state of the art driving simulator that simulates real driving hazards, including simulating the dangers of drinking & driving and texting & driving. Our SafeStart Beginner Driver Education programs are Ministry of Transportation approved and recognized by the insurance industry. Our students include beginner drivers, international students, new residents, new immigrants, and senior citizens who want to practice their driving skills. We teach our students cooperative driving strategies during in-car lessons. Using our driving simulator, we also teach students defensive driving strategies like how to control skids and driving in winter conditions. When it’s time for you to take your Ontario drive test, you’ll feel confident in your driving skills and happy with your driving school experience at DriveWise.

East – Driving Lessons at John Paul II Catholic Secondary School

A driving school you can trust. 

For beginner drivers and students who are ready to learn how to drive, John Paul II Catholic Secondary School in London’s East end is the ideal place to get started. Located in East London at the corner of Oxford Street East and Highbury Avenue near the Oxbury Mall, students who are ready to learn how to drive are very well situated to do so.

Our driving school offers London residents the opportunity to learn how to drive and improve on their driving skills with our unique approach to learning. Unlike a lot of other driving schools in the city, our program take a multi-faceted approach to learning that is designed to target various styles of learning to help reinforce the driving skills we teach. Our driving school at John Paul II includes the following elements:

  1. Classroom instruction – this is where our driving school begins. This is where you will learn the theoretical knowledge and skills you need to drive before you actually put them into action.
  2. Driving simulator – this is the second part of our driving program. Students will use our driving simulator to experience what it’s like to drive in variable conditions, like snow and rain, so they’re prepared for the final part of their driving instruction.
  3. In-car driving lessons – the final part of our driving lessons is when our students will actually get behind the wheel of a car. Having one of our experienced instructors guide the student as they drive in a car is one of the most important elements of our driving school!

Our approach to learning is designed to ensure that our students have the confidence and skills necessary to pass their G1 exit road test and to become successful and safe drivers. Because of our location in London’s East end, our students are in close proximity to roads with higher speed limits, including the 401 highway, which allows them to practice speeding up, slowing down and using entry and exit ramps to get on and off the highway.

John Paul II Secondary School is an easily accessible location via the London Transit Commission. We’re an easy bus ride away from London’s downtown core and other surrounding areas. Our students at this location enjoy being so close to lots of great local restaurants for lunch breaks, not to mention the proximity to London’s Fanshawe College.

If you’re coming from another part of the city, we have a driving school location that is ideal for your needs. We also offer driving lessons at St. André Bessette Catholic Secondary School and Fanshawe College. Visit our locations page for a complete listing of our driving school locations!

Contact us today for more information about driving lessons at John Paul II Catholic Secondary School or to sign up for our next session!

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