At the DriveWise driving school in London Ontario, our goal is to teach students to be safe and confident drivers. We prepare our students for their G2 and G drive tests with a diverse learning approach that includes interactive in-class learning, in-car lessons and sessions with our driving simulator. Our approach to driving lessons is what sets us apart from the competition. We also have a state of the art driving simulator that simulates real driving hazards, including simulating the dangers of drinking & driving and texting & driving. Our SafeStart Beginner Driver Education programs are Ministry of Transportation approved and recognized by the insurance industry. Our students include beginner drivers, international students, new residents, new immigrants, and senior citizens who want to practice their driving skills. We teach our students cooperative driving strategies during in-car lessons. Using our driving simulator, we also teach students defensive driving strategies like how to control skids and driving in winter conditions. When it’s time for you to take your Ontario drive test, you’ll feel confident in your driving skills and happy with your driving school experience at DriveWise.

Driving Safety on Prom Night

Prom Night Driving Safety London ONFor most teenagers, attending prom is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a cherished high school event that’s somewhat of a rite of passage to graduation. However, while prom is intended to be a happy occasion for everyone involved, the event is remembered for all of the wrong reasons by certain families – and that’s largely because impaired driving is much more common during prom season, instances that can end in tragedy. 

Motor vehicle collisions are the No. 1 cause of death for those between the ages of 12 and 19, and studies state that nearly one-third of all alcohol-related traffic fatalities in Canada occur between April and June, otherwise known as “prom season.” Here are some other disturbing facts about prom night:

  • Over one-third of teens state that they’re allowed by parents to attend parties where alcohol is served.
  • More than half of all teens have four or more drinks on prom night.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see why alcohol-related traffic fatalities are higher during the spring months. It’s data such as this that demonstrate why safe driving is so important at this time of year.

Driving Safely on Prom Night: Tips and Suggestions

So how can you get to and from prom (and any other parties you’re heading to) safely and avoid being a statistic? Here’s a look:

  • No alcohol: While it can’t prevent others from drinking, swearing off alcohol for the night can at least ensure that there will always be a designated driver in your party. Remember, underage drinking is against the law and drinking and driving is also against the law, no matter how old you are.
  • Hire a driver: Hiring a limo for the night can ensure that everyone in your party gets from Point A to Point B safely. Uber or calling a cab is another, and more affordable option, for getting around town.
  • Communicate your plans: Be sure to tell your parents about what you’ll be doing and where you’ll be on prom night. Check in with them frequently about how the night is going and if plans have changed.
  • Use common sense: If another member in your party has been drinking and then proceeds to get behind the wheel, don’t ride with them. Call a cab, your parents or another friend to get you home safely.
  • Stick together: We encourage you to go to prom and after parties as a group, being sure to look out for and take care of all members of your group.

For more information on handling prom safely, contact our London, ON driving school today.