At the DriveWise driving school in London Ontario, our goal is to teach students to be safe and confident drivers. We prepare our students for their G2 and G drive tests with a diverse learning approach that includes interactive in-class learning, in-car lessons and sessions with our driving simulator. Our approach to driving lessons is what sets us apart from the competition. We also have a state of the art driving simulator that simulates real driving hazards, including simulating the dangers of drinking & driving and texting & driving. Our SafeStart Beginner Driver Education programs are Ministry of Transportation approved and recognized by the insurance industry. Our students include beginner drivers, international students, new residents, new immigrants, and senior citizens who want to practice their driving skills. We teach our students cooperative driving strategies during in-car lessons. Using our driving simulator, we also teach students defensive driving strategies like how to control skids and driving in winter conditions. When it’s time for you to take your Ontario drive test, you’ll feel confident in your driving skills and happy with your driving school experience at DriveWise.

SafeStart Driver Training with Road Test Package

Driving lessons through simulator SafeStart Driver Training Road Test Package gives drivers the edge when taking their driving tests. In addition to comprehensive driver school training, drivers will get to work with a professional driver for the hour leading up to their road test. Also, the student taking the road test will get to use a SafeStart vehicle to take their test. SafeStart’s Road Test Package is perfect for students attending Fanshawe College or Western University because it relieves them of worrying about renting or borrowing a car for their G2 test. When you need to concentrate on successfully completing your road test, rely on SafeStart for a safe vehicle. Best of all, from your several hours of in-car training, you will already be extremely familiar with the vehicle. The SafeStart Driver Training and Road Test Package prepares students by providing comprehensive in-class, in-car and simulated driver training experiences. Our interactive classroom environment ensures that each student participates and is given the attention they need to excel as a new driver. DriveWise in London, Ontario is the only driving school in the city authorized to use simulators in the in-class driver training. This enables students to get behind the wheel of a car in a safe environment. Our simulation labs create realistic real-life driving experiences. Students spend 6 hours in these simulation labs and, during this time, they will experience various weather conditions, night driving, freeway driving and avoiding hazards they may encounter on the road. Students will learn about road signs, road safety and driving best practices during 10 hours of online driver training. These online courses will help students drive in-line with road safety laws in Ontario. After gaining a thorough theoretical understanding of how to be an effective driver, students will put this learning to use during their 10 hours of in-car driver training. Our driving instructors will pick students up on campus and take them for hour-long driving lessons. During these lessons, students will become familiar with London roads and road rules. This part of driver training builds confidence and helps students become safe drivers and successfully complete their G2 driver tests. On the day of your road test, your driving instructor will take you for one last training session. They will provide you with last minute tips and advice that will ensure driving best practices are top-of-mind when completing your test. Then, you will use your SafeStart care to complete your road test and earn your licence. If you are an out-of-town or international student who needs to achieve their G2 license, contact DriveWise in London, Ontario to book a Driver Training and Road Test package.